Legacy Kitchens Kelowna

Renovation Contractors - The Legacy Experience

As a renovation contractor, you’re busy balancing multiple projects and priorities. We know how crucial it is to trust the people working alongside you to make your client’s reno dreams come true.

Having partners that are dependable and committed to providing exceptional service and quality is essential, and that’s what Legacy Kitchens does best. Our experienced team can adapt to your business needs, including job-site meetings or phone calls. Through collaboration and creativity, let’s work together to create a seamless renovation experience for your clients.

“Legacy Kitchens did their utmost in providing great service because of my cient's experience. Their Designer took them through everything and helped them. Legacy Kitchens is very good, they have pride and professionalism. Their Installer was there until he got it right. Legacy did what they said they would do. They showed up and got it done on time.”
Peter, Contractor